Our Flip-Flop Culture

by Pamela Ng

Flip-flop 1

Flip-flop 2

Everyone in Singapore knows what flip-flops are because it’s nearly impossible to live without them. They are the most basic of footwear (essentially a thin rubber sole with two simple straps running in a Y from the sides of the foot to the join between the big toe and next toe – their ‘openness’ making them most ideal for our warm and humid climate). Here in NUS we wear them everywhere – to lectures, for lunch, to plod around Temasek Hall… They have become almost emblematic of the average student’s love for convenience and comfort (without compromising on style)!

Flip-flop ShopToday, flip-flops have a style of their own, different from other types of shoes. These dressier versions of the thong sandal are often made of leather, suede, patent leather, metallic finishes, fabric and other textiles. Based upon prevailing fashion, they are sometimes embellished with buckles, jewelry, fringes, medallions and beading.

Fun Flip-Flops facts?!!?

  • In many developing countries, flip-flops are made of recycled rubber tires (how environmentally-friendly!).
  • On July 19, 2005, some members of Northwestern University’s national champion women’s lacrosse team were criticized for wearing “flip-flops” to the White House to meet with President George W. Bush. In their own defense, the women claimed that these were not ‘flip-flops’ but were ‘dressier’. The team later auctioned off those controversial thong sandals worn to the White House to raise money for a 10 year-old girl with a brain tumor.
  • While widely regarded to be comfortable, flip-flops provide little to no ankle support, and are supposedly responsible for many foot-related injuries, including tendonitis, sprains, or stubbed toes! (Health warning: Do not wear flip-flops in lieu of suitable footwear during sports!)

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  1. I think that someone on Wikipedia copied some of your words! To find out go to http://www.wikipedia.com and search flip-flops. Ur welcome! nice blog!

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